Friday, April 16, 2010

Hunt Gift, Money Fever and 60L Weekend Sale

MORTICIA by Lemania, skin inclusive!

Above photo is Morticia. A complete ensemble with gothic skin, cigarette on hand and a flower on mouth is featured in  in the Beautiful Nightmare Hunt [BNH] by Lemania Indigo. Just look for a small Black Box.

Aunt Mame on Money Fever

Above photo is Aunt Mame, featured item on Money Fever Game today. A  floor length dress in a deep red color with a square cut bodice top and ruffles on the skirt. This ensemble also includes stockings, shoes, jewelry and a cigarette holder.

 BEAUTIFUL DREAMER 60L weekend  sale item

The Beautiful Dreamer gown will be featured on 60L weekend sale. A beautiful gown for romantic lady and her beautiful daydreams. This can also be a perfect wedding gown! Get them for only 60L on the weekend duration.

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