Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mannequin. Poses

Zoey Orsini, owner and creator of Mannequin poses, had me introduced some of her creations. She sells different kinds of model poses great, of course great for photos and making memories. Check on these few snaps I took from Mannequin Poses.

Mannequin. Ballerina

Above photo is a picture of Ballerina Model Poses.
Consists of 7 ballet dances pose for only L$199.

I Wear:
KBL Xyzal Dress - Pink
=u.u= KaWai Ballerine Pink- Pig

Mannequin. Burlesque

Above Photo is the picture of Burlesque poses. This is the high shine fully scripted chair in 4 colors (black, silver, pink, & pruple) with a total of 10 different poses. Burlesque is sold for only L$199.

I Wear:
SD Wears Icon Top (Checker)
SD Wears Icon Pants (Alegator)
SD Wears Funeral Boots

Mannequin. Spotlight Set

 Spotlight Set cost only L$199.  Full set with black backdrop and tintable spotlight. The platform is scripted with 10 different poses.

I Wear:
Ruru@PinoTear [MAZE(White)]LB
Ruru@PinoTear [Snow Strawberry]-Boots

Mannequin. Yoga Mat

 Yoga Mat is sold for only L$199. This is a 2 prim bright, scripted yoga mat with 10 different poses.

I Wear:
DYN Patterned Tube Tops - Brown Dots
DYN Lacy Cropped Jeans - Black

Mannequin. Innertube

 Innertube also costs only L199. This is a scripted pool innertube with 5 different poses. They come in 5 bright colors; orange, yellow, pink, green, and blue.

I Wear:
::HH:: Hucci Rufflekini - White - NEW

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