Monday, April 19, 2010

With SLebrities at Fabulous Fashion Show! :))

Okay, I just had to note this day again coz I met a lot of SLebrities, in AVI Flesh [LOL] at the Fabulous Fashion with Angie Mornington :D I'm so happy Blissy (I'm a big fan of her blog!) invited me on today's show. The featured designer is the BOOM Brand owner and creator, Aranel Ah. I was able to snap some photos woots!

Woots! I'm seated beside my favorite blogger Bliss Windlow

[Above Photo: With me is my Favorite Blogger of all season, Bliss Windlow :D For me, she's a blogger of all season because she not only write about SL Fashion, but also spiritual, humor, and social issues in the second life. You gotta read her blog she's a good writer!]

Paisley Beebe, Bliss Windlow and Me :)

[Above Photo: Paisley Beebe (SL Live Performer) - Bliss Windlow (SL Celebrity Blogger) - and Me, an SL Celebrity STALKER LOL!]

 With KawaiiNicole Piers

[Above Photo: KawaiiNicole Piers (She's Famous Blogger!) and Me.]

With SL Celebrities!

[In the Middle, Angie Mornington (Host & Producer of Fab Fashion).. beside her Boom Designer, Aranel Ah... Others are Models for Boom Designs.]

DeeTaleZ Dresses HOT sommer pink dots
DeeTaleZ flared jeans black
..::[M2M]::..Tatoo Leaters Japonese
TIKTOK Magic accessory set/silver & black
UBU PornStar Lo-Tops


Bliss Windlow said...

hahahahahah you crack me up ...I am just a big mouth no slebrity here ... .... but thanks for making me laugh ....!!! love ya!!!

Aubrey Monday said...

For me, you are a slebrity! =P I love your writings hehe.. hugs ya Blissy!

Angie Mornington said...

Yay thank you Aubrey I'm glad you enjoyed the show! Hope to see you again and bring your friends they are all welcome. :)