Friday, April 16, 2010

NEW! Dark Butterflies

SRD - Dark Butterfly (Powder)

 Yuriko Muromachi, owner of Silver Rose Designs is releasing beautiful butterflies just in time for spring. I am wearing her elegant Dark Butterfly dress in Powder color. In addition to expert texture work, this dress features fine details in the flexi skirt, blouse, and of course, the butterfly wings.

SRD - Dark Butterfly (Powder)

It's a dress that has different style choices. You can go for long and flowing look or a shorter skirt for less formal affairs. When I wear this I feel like I should be flying around granting wishes XD. Fly over to her store to get yours.

SRD - Dark Butterfly (Powder)

This Dark Butterfly ensemble contains: Blouse (shirt & jacket), Glitch pants (3 styles: long, mid, short), Underpants, prim skirt (2 styles for long skirt, 1 style for mid length skirt, 2 short skirt styles, skirt cape–total of 6 skirt styles),  prim sleeves (4 styles), Butterfly Cloud (3 types: for big skirts, slender skirt and solo butterfly on hip), Butterfly Wings & sculpted ruffles.

SRD - 
Dark Butterfly (Powder)

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