Wednesday, April 21, 2010

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::Page 3::

Jag Voom, creator and owner of the Page 3 brand (a new brand known to me) has me reviewed her products. I am completely mesmerized esp with these pretty hands! These are rings and nails set come together with a lot of options and are controllable by a HUD. I just love prim nails with rings and for me, This is A MUST HAVE!!! XD

::Page 3:: Pretty Hands w/ HUD Control - Long 01

Rings & Nails attachments are provided in 3 different sizes intended to fit hand shape sizes of 12, 15 and 18. It may be necessary to modify your hands to one of these sizes, but instructions are given as to how to modify and use your hud. The hud provides 36 different nail colors and ring customs, they're very easy to use! What I like most about these nails is the many color choices. Saves you a lot since you almost have all the colors you will need for your nails in just one set.

::Page 3:: Pretty Hands HUD Control

The photo above is what the hud looks like and will appear on your screen. I colored mine in Pink contrasting to the green color of my sun frill dress :) This sun frill dress is also from the Page 3 brand and will soon to be released.

::Page 3::

The sun frill dress comes in all clothing layers with flexi prim skirts and chest attachments. Of course I like it coz its green! :D Apart from the nails and dresses, Page 3 also offers beautiful sets of brown and blue eyes. Each set contains of 5 gorgeous colors!

::Page 3:: Brown Eye Series
[Above Photo: ::Page 3:: Brown Eye Series]

::Page 3:: Blue Eye Series
[Above Photo: ::Page 3:: Blue Eye Series]

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