Monday, April 26, 2010

A Dollarbie Furnished SkyBox - Sooooo Cute!!!!

*PASH* FURNISHED Little Haven skybox - ONLY L$1

While all my plurk buddies were talking about the dollarbie sale on Pash, I went to check on it although I am not really in need of a skybox right now coz we're running out of prims. =)) But this Pash skybox are too cute to resist!!!! and they are furnished for only L$1!!!! You gotta get this one while its still on sale. Textures are well done and furniture poses are awesome!!!

*PASH* FURNISHED Little Haven skybox - ONLY L$1

See! I rezz mine on top of our contemporary home XD.

The Little Haven furnished skybox contains a Furnished skybox rezzer (104 prims  + 1 for the rezzbox); Unfurnished skybox rezzer (33 prims + 1 for the rezzbox); and a box containing copies of all the furnitures. All items are copy and modifiable.

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