Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Money Fever, Midnight Mania Board, Letter of the Week & 60L Sunday Items by Lemania


Above Photo is the Silver Dragonfly outfit, sandals included. This is featured in Lemania's Midnight Mania Board. So make sure you lock this board to get this cute outfit.


Above Photo is the Orange Julius Outfit, with earrings shoes and stockings included. This is featured in the Letter of the week grid wide sale. This item is greatly discounted from the regular price. This week's letter is "E."


Above Photo is the GERVE D'OR, a delicate tea length dress in a golden rod tone with contrasting flowers printed on the skirt and bodice. Matching shoes are included. This is featured as Money Fever Item today. Someone wins a Linden Cash when Target sales are met.


And finally, the above photo is MRS. GREEN JEANS Outfit. This is featured in the 60 Linden weekend item for the weekend of April 9 to April 11. A very cute outfit in crisp fresh spring green. Yay! Green is my fave color! Skinny green jeans with lace at the waist and two top options, matching shoes included.

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Other Credits:
.:::GARAGE:::. Glamour Necklace
.:::GARAGE:::. "Tears with diamonds"
Zaara : indian bangles (gold/pearl)

Poses Used:


LisaMun Aronowicz said...

Ooh the clothes look so lovely on you, especially the gowns!!

Aubrey Monday said...

thank you :)