Tuesday, April 6, 2010

NEW! Men's Collection 2010 by Shiki Designs

NEW! Shiki Western Shirt Oriental

Shiki Designs has just released a new set of men's polo shirts for this year's Spring and Summer Collection. These were originally created and designed by Shinichi Mathy to be featured on the Jaunty Magazine [an exclusive magazine for men's fashion wear.]

NEW! Shiki Releases

These new polo shirts feature a stylish flower and oriental patterns in full colors! They come in all clothing layers with sculpty collar and arm attachments.

NEW! Bouquet Nouveau Shirt

Liam Wears:
Shiki Western Oriental Shirt - NEW
Shiki Flowers Polo Shirt - NEW
Shiki Bouquet Nouveau Shirt - NEW
Shiki Denim Jeans - NEW 
FKNY! Shoes

Poses Used:
Glitterati | Izumiya Male Poses

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