Monday, April 5, 2010

PF2010: AVANT Poses & New Releases by Felicia's Fashion

AVANT - Complete

AVANT is participating in the Pose Fair 2010 and has lots of nice couples and single poses to offer. Take a look at these poses... my hubby and I find it really sweet esp the couple poses XD.

AVANT - Embrace
[Above Photo: AVANT Couple Pose - Embrace]

Most of these poses are comforting. I imagine myself humming a song while doing each pose. It's somewhat relaxing to me esp with the work pressures and stress I recently had in both worlds LOL. These poses are a nice way to relax and have a long talk with your partner.

AVANT - Comfy Cozy
[Above Photo: AVANT Couple Pose - Comfy Cozy]

Comfy and cozy... great poses for outdoors.
Great for photos too!

AVANT -  In The Stillness
[Above Photo: AVANT Couple Pose - In the Stillness]

There are also singles and model poses. There are actually lots!
My photos below show a few of these new poses.

Felicia's Fashion

 I'm also wearing the new releases by Felicia's Fashion. There are a wide range of colors available but green and white are my faves. Felicia's Fashions clothings are made with love and abundant sweetness. Check out the store for more of these awesome releases.

Avant lay poses

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Designed and Owned by Felicia Helendale

Visit AVANT at the Pose Fair 2010.
Avant Poses are created and designed by Vernice Burks, 
Aradia Dielli, and Kianna Noel.

Accessories Used:
.:::GARAGE:::. Glamour Earrings/ Necklace
*JD Designs* Bangles 

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