Monday, April 5, 2010

MARIPOSA has LOTS of Awesome Freebies!


Felicity Winslet, the gorgeous and talented designer of Mariposa Brand has finally located her shop in World. I have always admire her work, esp the sculpty bangles and accessories coz they're totally awesome! To celebrate her new shop in world, she offers awesome Free grabs at some of these cool accessories! It would be a great mistake to miss this one up.


This gorgeous bangles I am wearing are FREE! It features detailed metals and resizable via menu script. They come in a wide range of colors. ALL FREE!!! You must hurry grab at these before she changes her mind XD. Apart from that, she also makes a contemporary sky home, which has now been my home :-)


As you noticed on my previous posts, most of the backgrounds are taken from my new home. They are made with quality textures and detailed sculpties at a very ridiculously low price of only L$50!!! I really thought the designer must be off her mind to sell this at a very low price LOL... so make sure you get this before she changes her prices.


You can also find vintage dresses in various colors at a very affordable prices!

Hurry!! Visit Mariposa Store

Contemporary SkyBox - ONLY L$50!!!
The Skybox measures approximately 30x30M, has lockable doors, floors are texture customizable, light switch and privacy windows. Packaged with Rez-Faux for easy rezzing and de-rezzing.

I Wear:
Mariposa: Vintage Dress: Blue/Red
Mariposa: Jewels: Animosity - Silver - FREE
MIEL Ant Flats - Bokara Grey

Poses Used:

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