Friday, April 2, 2010

PF2010: comPOSEure

PF2010: comPOSEure Grand Entrance

Alas! The Pose Fair 2010 has already begun! And you can now take a visit at comPOSEure since they have so many awesome poses and photobles in store for you. I am so thrilled to showcase, particularly this Grand Entrance photoble shown on the above as it is fully packed with so many gorgeous poses. There are 60 to be exact and all are adjustable model poses to support dual avatars with 100 avatar memory. It comes with a rezzer and a hud, very easy to use! It's a nice set for photo shoots for modeling and upscale living.

comPOSEure: Couple Pose Twilight 8b
[Above Photo: comPOSEure - Couple Pose Twilight 8b]
Apart from that, there's also these lovely couple poses
mostly inspired by a movie captions.

-comPOSEure- Hand n' Hand
[Above Photo: -comPOSEure- Couple Pose - "Hand n' Hand"]

Every poses has its own story to convey....
Every poses has feelings =D

-comPOSEure- Love Sucks (c)
[Above Photo: -comPOSEure- Group Pose - "Love Sucks"]

As a blogger, a wanna be photographer, and an aspirant fashion model [LOL]... I am always mesmerized everytime I come across new poses! There's a wide range of model poses to choose from.

-comPOSEure- Roulette Poses
[Above Photo: -comPOSEure- Roulette Poses]

I have a great feeling.... of becoming a Super Model XD.

comPOSEure Runway Poses
[Above Photo: comPOSEure Runway Poses]

Shane Giordano and Tweet Jaxxon are the talented creators 
and owners of these awesome poses!

Visit ComPOSEure at the Pose Fair

ComPOSEure Main Store

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