Monday, February 8, 2010

The Hippy & Nerdy Styles

Yankee Nerdy Me #02

So this is just another LOTD of me... I feel a little bit creative today infact, I am more inspired to style up because of these good stuffs that I got these days. First of is this messy hair from curious kitties! It's a limited Valentine freebie but I super liked it! Also the kittie in my head is sooo cute, a subscribo gift from curious kitties.

Yankee Nerdy Me #04

I also make  sure that I'm fully packed with my double metal white belt by Bukka. This was a present to me by hubby many many months ago. It's actually a multi-function belt with an ipod that can make music. It can also can make a skybox at 300m height and has special love effects, flowers and a lot more.

Yankee Nerdy Me #03

I thought the shoes and accessories by Miel are awesome. Especially the boots! I'm glad I was able to purchase it from past week's 50L Fridays. They're totally awesome! And of course my fave piercings by HOD and the sexy skullies by DYN.. I think I'm going on this look for a few days. I love the yankee and nerdy styles. 

Yankee Nerdy Me #01

Style Card/ Credits:

DYN Britnee Top - Red Skulls - New
DYN Patterned Crop Jeans Skulls - New
Curious Kitties SUBSCRIBER GIFT - Valentine Mini Kitty on head
- .HoD. - Spite - Women - Black Lava - Shadowed - (mouth)
( Curious Kitties ) Nyanotech 09-B Hair - FREE
MIEL LUN Accessory Set
[BUKKA]DoubleMetalBelt WhiteSnake
Everglow Poses

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