Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Hubby is a Jealous Guy =D

 My hubby is angry because he says I'm posing on the wall instead of on him

 I was really so excited about the new releases by DYN and Eolande that when I finally got to wear it,  I couldn't help posing and take a few shots of myself right away...I was sooo busy that I hardly ever noticed my hubby in the background looking quite angry because I was not coming to bed with him. This is what He said "Wow... my wife is posing again.. this time on the wall...  maybe I should just paint myself and stand there and then I can be lucky too!" [LOL] To quiet his storm, I gave him a hint that I would reward him for his patience by showing off this cute heart in my mouth by Eolande which says, "Let's Kiss." And He smiled. He just can't resist my charm.

Dyn & Eolande's New Releases

Credits/ Style Card:
 DYN Baylee Top - Pink Sequin - NEW
DYN Patterned Crop Jeans - Pink Camo - NEW
[Coquette.] Chuckerz shoes - Wild Thing!

Accessories Used:
Eolande's Candy Heart - let's kiss (wear in mouth) - NEW
Eolande's Candy Hearts Bracelet, Earrings & Necklace
Be My Valentine - NEW

Poses Used:
ANA_Mations Cubism- CubeG V2.0

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