Tuesday, February 9, 2010

OH No, It's Wednesday! =(


I kinda feel low and sad lately contrary to the smiles on one of my photos below. It's because I lost my 28 days old Kimi [my cute little bunny a gift to me by grandpa.] I lost him in our sim 2 days ago. The same day also when I saw Mr. M [my cute little pug] drown himself in the ocean. We tried our best to look for them, have the sim restarted with high hopes they would return in my inventory but to no luck. I grieve more for Kimi because he is no copy and he has already grown 28 days!!! What a really waste LOL. Anyway here's LOTD.


New top released by Lark called the Grace blouse. For seven nice colors and available in all clothing layers, you get them for only 185L$. The cropped jeans by DYN has always been my fave. Check style credits for more and store TPs below.


Style Card/ Credits: 
Lark - Grace Blouse - NEW 
DYN Patterned Crop Jeans Hearts - NEW 
UBU Porn Lo-Tops

- .HoD. - Spite Dove - Shadowed - NEW 
DUBOO*Choucream glasses [Black] FREE 
BP* gamaguchi bag - Group Gift [Check Notices]

On Body:
Fior di Perle Liz Sun kissed natural makeup natural2 lips 
Shiki Shapes by Jeckie Hax 
Simply Britnee - Elizabeth/Dulce Hairstyle - NEW

Izumiya Poses

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