Wednesday, February 10, 2010

NEW! Adorkable "Sitting Pretty" Poses & Bliss Hairstyle by I Love Olive

Adorkable Sitting Pretty

Adorkable Poses has just recently released a new set of "Sitting Pretty" dork poses. The dork pack consists of 10 sits and lays as shown on my photos for only 185L$. Of course, you can also purchase a selective pose you like for only 25L$.

Sitting Pretty Dork Pack

Also check out on this new "Bliss" hairstyle by I Love Olive. Very stylish I'm wearing the pink candy color. This hairstyle is a pony tailed with a color changeable headband. I'm lovin' it! ^^

Sitting Pretty Dork Pack

I'm Wearing:
Work Out Top by E! Apparel 
DeeTalez Hot Mini Skirt
Rondo Socks by E! Apparel
Bliss Hair by I Love Olive - NEW
Bukka Lasta Watch
DUBOO*Choucream glasses [Black]
UBU Porn Lo-Tops

Adorkable "Sitting Pretty"Poses - NEW


Adorkable said...

Thank you Aubrey! Your pics look awesome! <3

Aubrey Monday said...

Yay! thanks and your welcome :D