Tuesday, February 9, 2010

NEW! Comfy WorkOut Outfits by E! Apparel

E! Apparel WorkOut Outfit

Hey! Meet my twin XD. I am totally having fun doing all these photos because I am such a dorkaholic Dork LOL. Anyway, I've always wanted to blog these workout outfits by E! Apparel. They have always been my favourites and I love the colors available on them, very stylish and are affordable. They come in all clothing layers so you can either wear a tank alone or both tops. The leggings also look comfy and come with leg prim cuffs.  You'll get the complete set all in high quality textures and design for only 80L$. A fatpack is even greatly discounted.

E! Apparel WorkOut Outfit

And at E! Apparel, you are given an option to purchase an item on either copy/mod or transfer permission. Just a great place to shop and buy presents, specially this coming Valentine season. 

Eclectic Apparel!

Also, I'm giving credits to Clear and Shane of LesGirls for these awesome poses! They're giving away these 10 poses for free for reaching 30K hits on their blog. I always thought their blog is cool and I love their clothing styles as well. Read them HERE. WTG and Thank you LesGirls! :-)

Credits/ Style Card:
Work Out outfits by E! Apparel - 80L$ 
PRO_SPEC shoes by 2Real
 - .HoD. - Spite Dove Piercings
Vive9 Reader's Glasses
Bukka Watch
Candy Nails

Poses Used:
LesGirls 10 Poses - FREE Get HERE

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