Monday, February 1, 2010

NEW! Marry Royal Gown by House of Rfyre

!RP MVW 09  "Marry" Gown  Orchid VERSION I

The Marry Evening gown created by Raven Pennyfeather of the House of RFyre is a beautiful royal purple dress perfect for that high end gatherings. Details such as the elegant long gloves and waist band with draped scarves is what give this dress a noble charm. The fabric detail is also something that is noticeable. Weaves of the fabric texture is intricate and almost like a honeycomb in the way it has been arranged.

!RP MVW 09  "Marry" Gown  Orchid VERSION II

The Marry gown comes in two styles. One of the styles is a big and longer train skirt as you can see here. The top is a low cut and strapless with a bust enhancing fit while the skirts flow beautifully and moves with you as you walk.

The House of RFyre

!RP Couture MVW 09  "Marry" Gown  Orchid VERSION I & II

Other Credits/ Style Card:
Stiletto Moody Bare Katherine (Silver Diamante)
JCNY - Angel's Armor, Crystal Bridal Collection
Poses by EverGlow 

Shiki Shapes by Jeckie Hax
 *.amato.* eyes mist 01 
=TEKUTEKU= ring hair (black)*


Harper Beresford said...

Beautiful! Thank you, Aubrey :)

Aubrey Monday said...

Awww Thank you.... the dress itself is fabulous! ^^