Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Yay! Just finish the Red Packet Hunt woohoo!

Runo Runo

Today, hubby and I did the Red Packet Hunt. It was fun and easy. Okay its a little bit easier because I have hubby to help me find the stuffs XD. But I must admit that I got exhausted so I'm only showing you now a few stuffs because we still have our babies to feed LOL. Above photo, I wear #03 by RunoRuno named teddy. A sleep wear with slippers and a teddy bear its really cute I especially liked the color.

Red Packet Hunt

On this second photo, I wear #38 by Pig Shop, and hairstyle by #31 AY.Line. My hubby wears #40 by Cockles. It's a funny tee we thought. Will show more soon perhaps. You all have a good day! :D

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