Sunday, February 14, 2010

Specially Marked Down Starla Series of Dresses by Sparkle Skye

Starla Angelic

Sparkle Skye Design is having a Special Sale going on and accessible only by its valued group members. The special sale starts today until the next 3 consecutive weeks. For this week, Starla series of Faerie, Salsa and Long gown are featured at a specially marked down price of only 50L$ each!!!

Starla Angelic

Above 2 photos are a picture of the beautiful Starla Angelic series for only 50L$. This package contains 2 kinds of wings, the other one is glowy. This item is accessible by group members only!

Starla - Salsa

There is also this Starla in Salsa style for only 50L$. This is also accessible by group members so make sure you wear your group tag when you buy these dresses.

Starla - Salsa

And finally, the Starla in Long Gown. This item is accessible to all for only 50L$. Yay! Take advantage on these special sale and a lot more will be featured on the next couple of weeks so check it out. Join the store group to avail special priviledges.

Starla - Long Gown
Starla - Long Gown

Here's TP to Sparkle Skye Designs.

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