Sunday, February 14, 2010

New! Couple Poses & a Dollarbie by Storin

Propose & Kiss - New by Storin

Check out these two new couple poses prepared by Storin just in time for this heart season: the "Proposal Pose" and the "Passionate Kiss." You can get them for only 150L$ each. I'm doing the pose here with my bff Jin since hubby is already sleeping. But there's also this cute couple pose named "Take me with you" shown on the photo below that is set as a dollarbie. It's a very dramatic pose, I really liked it a lot. I'm doing the pose with hubby this time. Yay! I got two men on different poses LOL.

Take Me with You

Visit Storin for these new couple poses.

On the photos, I wear:
DeeTaleZ wraped dress silver 
E! Apparel Rondo Striped Socks (Black)
UBU Porn star Lo-Tops Shoes
- .HoD. - Spite Dove Piercings 
*chronokit* watch no.34 *Comet* 

The hairstyles I have on is a limited grab by W&A Hair Designs. It's the store grand opening today and they set 2 gorgeous dollarbie hairstyles, and one on the lucky board. I was there. I saw a couple of bloggers and designers too XD. It's all worth waiting for your letter.


Anonymous said...

would look great if I were taller. But alas...alot of men, or rather...male avatars, here on SL are ridiculously tall!!! I am life size and proud of it! *Chuckles* LOve these photos!!!

Aubrey Monday said...

aawww Jin.. you made me look like a midget now XD!