Thursday, February 18, 2010

NEW! Luan Skin by Rockberry

Luan Skin by Rockberry

Rockberry has just released a new skin line named Luan. This must be an Asian inspired skin because of the eyes.... one trait you will notice right away are these gorgeous eyes. Luan skin is available in 4 skin tones: light, natural, tan and dark; has 6 makeups with enhanced cleavage version included. It has also an optional eyebrows and lips are tintable!

Luan Skin by Rockberry
Luan Skin by Rockberry

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Sippie said...

Aubrey can you pretty-please share the designer/shop for the cute undies you're wearing here? My inventory welcomes them with open arms. ;)

Aubrey Monday said...

aawww so sorry it's from Reasonable Desire.. I will post credits.. thanks for reading :-)

Aubrey Monday said...

the lingeries have been actually blogged few days back here....
there were even nice gifts sent out to store group members they're totally sexy! hehe