Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Baby Kimi - Soooo Cute back to Zero Day Old! XD

Thanks to Santa Bin for my new bunny, Yay!

I lost my 28 days old Kimi and got a new cute one, gifted to me by my friend Raven Thank You! He is still a male bun in grey color with green eyes. Hmm he must be an irish bun. I first rezz him at the mini park and got panic coz I lost him again for a few minutes only because he is so tiny still and he moves a lot. So I picked him up and have his home set inside the gazebo instead. This time, all movements and animations are set to OFF! I can't afford to lose another one esp if its a gift. I'll take a close guard on this new Baby Kimi. ^^

My new Baby Kimi

Thanks again Raven for this cutie bunny!^^

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