Saturday, February 6, 2010

Dollarbie, Freebies & Money Fever Items =D

A WOMANS HEART - dollarbie
A lovely slinky form fitting, sequin red dress with matching shoes included is a limited dollarbie item by Lemania. Only for this Valentine Season. TP HERE

Heartless Outfit by Lemania
This fun colorful dress with slippers, still by Lemania Indigo is their Money Fever item for only 10L. Every 50 dresses sold, someone wins 250L. TP HERE

candydolls new skin line
A Dollarbie Lingerie by Trubble. Get HERE 
Worn in 2 skins by Candydoll. These skins has also a cleavage and hairbase version. You can try your DEMO HERE.

Orange Tops to raise awareness and fight Leukemia
Free "Remembering" Orange Tops by Dyn Clothing. This is to raise awareness and fight the Leukemia disease. I really hope we can make a way to fight it. Meanwhile, you can get these free orange tops HERE.

Poses Used on all Photos by EverGlow

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