Sunday, February 14, 2010

Meet My Fashionable BFF.. XD

Meet my BFF.. Jin <3

Meet my fashionable BFF, Jin. When I first met him, I couldn't resist to cam at what he is wearing. Like he is always loaded with awesome accessories and all that fashion clothings XD. He also has influenced me with the cool stuffs he likes, esp when I was yet a noob. [Though I am still regarded as a noob LOL.]

Him and his Gadgets

Anyway, Jin here is that guy whom I can always turn to whenever I need some help, a company or anything. He is always there for me. Sorry I couldn't disclose much about him apart from that he is an exclusive "Mature Content" person [LOL] but if you happen to see this gorgeous Avi in world, that could be just him. A great friend with a big heart. Muah!

Jin <3

What Jin is Wearing:
SEY  Black Star-(N)Medium- Necklace
SEY K.D.Vest=D-red/M(resizable)
Aitui - Sexy Buttoned Down - Charcoal
Aitui - Tank Top - Sometimes - Charcoal 
Belt is a blend of :SEY Stick holder, E
and Belt/camouflage from +grasp+
(You MUST know how to edit prims to achieve this.)
+grasp+/Layered cargo shorts/Black+camouflage
Black LegWarmer from [x] Wycked [x] on Xstreet
UBU PornStar Lo-Tops
*chronokit*_watch_no.23 male 02
Kunstkammer Romantigoth Bracelet Stack

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