Saturday, February 6, 2010

The story of a Bounty Hunter by Liam Courier


 In the early days, Kingdom tradition and law dictate that a royals may only marry a person who has been chosen by their predecessor under the direction of a council of advisers. As Princess Aubrey was in preparation to become the queen of hearts, she strained to remain a vibrant individual under a strictly controlled set of rules and dress codes of the Past. She was finally pushed too far when a bitter adviser to her the king chose a brutal dictator of a prince as her next husband. It was at this point that she knew what she had to do. She packed her things including her newly designed Queen of Hearts ensemble by House of Rfyre and fled into the heart of the Kingdom to find a nice man.  Above all she wanted a kind and normal man, someone who was not overly concerned with tradition and the strict codes of her early life.

House of Rfyre

She became a bounty hunter and carried weapons by Adorkable to protect herself as she had been told all her life that the world outside of her castle walls was a dangerous one.  She searched every where she could to find a common man. From the poorest provinces to the heights of the Kings Crown Jewel city. One day she saw a well dressed but average looking man walking on the sky way near a night club.


She called to him but he seemed to want to continue on his way fearing a scam or advertisment. She drew her weapon and demanded he stop and speak with her. "What is it that you want.. Money? here take it!" he said. "No" she replied "I just wanted a date you're kind of cute." He blinks in disbelief a few times and says "A woman as beautiful as yourself doesn't need to hold up a man for a date." Princess Aubrey puts away her weapon and says with a wink. "I just wanted your attention silly... besides it's a crime to ignore a royal." The two went on to party the night away.

I told you not to upset me! LOL

Credits/ Style Card:

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LisaMun Aronowicz said...

Love this post and great story--and boy, you sure look dangerous LOL!!!

Aubrey Monday said...

haha he made up the story so it doesn't quite look like he is in danger lol.. thanks for reading lisa.. hugs!