Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine Treasure Hunt by BareRose.. やった!^^

Bare Rose

I did a mini treasure hunt by BareRose and mechanics of the game is so easy. You just have to look for 4 adorable crying kittens and I made it. Yay! OKay, I must admit that I sucks at hunt coz I get literally blind everytime [LOL] but I'm still too lucky coz I always come to meet a friend that would help me along woots!

Lost Kitty Hunt Items

Okay, the prizes on this hunt are jackets [blue and purple], jeans [2 colors with prim jacket on the waist], baloons and bangles, a cute messenger bag with 3 adorable kittens in it and a tee-shirt. Each of these hunt gifts contains both for men and women. やった! 


Starting Point HERE

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