Monday, February 15, 2010

It's Dinner Time with family XD!

Family Dinner

Oh Hi, and meet my family XD. So this is how we are at home with the kids. After watching Alexandre Bilodeau win his Canada's first Gold Medal, hubby decided to celebrate and order a Chinese take out by RBCG Red Packet hunt hmmmm yumyumyumm. Hubby is just so proud!

our babies

Meet our lovely kids: Kenjie [Bunny] - Mr. M & Mrs. M [our couple pugs.] My first bunny named Kimi got lost in our sim on his 28 days old. He probably drowned in the ocean I still grieve on his loss LOL. But my generous friend Raven gifted me Kenjie and he is now 5 days old.

Family Dinner

I'd probably do more hunt when I will have time. But for now, here's style card/ credits of what I wear. 

Style Card/ Credits: 
KTQ Timeless-Hello kitty Jammies 
- .HoD. - Bodiqua Mega Hoops *Silver* 
- .HoD. - Hopeless Rosary (Chest) 
[BUKKA] watch lasta(M)

From the Hunt:Chinese TakeOut - RPH #10 - rbcg. 
China Doll Flats - RPH #23 - Lark

the cute Bunny - Ozimals
the Pugs - Zoobyland
Spring Gazebo - MudHoney

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