Wednesday, February 17, 2010

NEW! Lali Skin by CandyDoll

NEW! Lali Skin by Candy Doll

CandyDoll has just recently released a beautiful skin named "Lali." The new skin line is just made for Perfection! It's so smooth and clean, the shadows and lines are so life like that I find myself wishing for a similar look in RL xD! The skin comes in 3 tones: [Pale, tan, and dark tan] and each tone consists of 6 glamorous make-ups with optional hair base.

Candy Doll Lali Skin - Pale Tone
CandyDoll Lali SKin - Pale Tone

Candy Doll Lali Skin - Tan Tone
CandyDoll Lali SKin - Tan 

Candy Doll Lali Skin - Tanned Tone
CandyDoll Lali Skin - Dark Tan

A single skin can be purchased for only 600L$ or a fat pack can be had for only 1900L$. Go visit the store, try free demo. Amaze yourself at these awesome skin!

Visit CandyDoll Body Shop

Other credits:
DeeTaleZ Lingerie
Shiki Shapes by Jeckie Hax


Anonymous said...

awwah! very pretty on you aubrey :D

Aubrey Monday said...

omg! thank you randi..xD